Personal presentation


I am currently a « maître-assistante » in international economic history at the University of Geneva, at the Paul Bairoch Institute and the Departement of History, Economics and Society. My main research topics are the transnational history of statistical enquiries and the evolving relationship between science and politics between 1880s and 1960s.

I defended my Phd in sociology in 2015. My thesis is entitled « Social sciences and action at the International Labor Organization (1920-1939) ». I studied the use of sociology, economics and mathematics by ILO civil servants, and the multiple links the latter developed with academics.

I was mainly trained in philosophy and sociology, but I also have a strong background in history and anthropology. I have a specific interest in using together different methodologies such as ethnography and historical quantitative technics.

My current projects are :

  • the history of enquiries made by international organizations
  • the history of statistics and economical thinking
  • the sociology of value in social sciences
  • the sociology of the division of labor between science and politics
  • the history of social economy and cooperative movement

More recently, I have started a video project which links the potential of a movie camera with ecological economics.